Kerim Kochekov

PhD candidate at HKUST

About Me

I am PhD candidate at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) under the supervision of Prof. Amir Goharshady. I am funded by Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) and my research interests mainly focus on Parameterized algorithms and Programming languages.


Personal email
HKUST email
+852 550 264 32


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PhD in Computer Science and Engineering
2022 September - 2026 August (expected)
- Passed the interview process with a success rate of 1.7% (number of offers/number of interviewees).
Innopolis University BSc in Computer Science
2018 August - 2022 August
- Became a finalist 3 times at the ICPC Northern Eurasia finals.


Conrado, G. K., Goharshady, A. K., Kochekov, K., Tsai, Y. C., & Zaher, A. K. (2023). Exploiting the Sparseness of Control-flow and Call Graphs for Efficient and On-demand Algebraic Program Analysis. Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, OOPSLA. [Paper] [Artifact]


When Position Where
June 2024 - Present Turkmenistan IOI Team Leader and Coach Alexandria, Egypt
June 2024 Summer Camp Guide @ inzva Istanbul, Turkey
February 2024 - May 2024 Teaching Assistant (TA) of the COMP 3711H - Honors Design and Analysis of Algorithms Hong Kong
June 2023 - September 2023 Turkmenistan IOI Team Coach Remote
February 2023 - May 2023 Teaching Assistant (TA) of the COMP 4901W - Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts Hong Kong
January 2023 Winter Camp Guide @ inzva Istanbul, Turkey
June 2022 - August 2022 (*) Turkmenistan IOI Team Coach Remote
June 2022 Summer Camp Guide @ inzva Istanbul, Turkey
December 2020 - August 2021 (**) Kyrgyzstan IOI Team Associative Coach Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
July 2019 - September 2020 Turkmenistan IOI Team Deputy Leader Remote
July 2019 - August 2019 Turkmenistan IOI Team Deputy Leader Baku, Azerbaijan
Achieved results during the training period:
 (*) 1 IOI 2022 Bronze medal
 (**) 4 IOI 2021 Bronze medals, 1 VKOSHP 2021 Bronze medal, 1 EJOI 2021 Gold medal, 2 Info(1)Cup 2021 Silver Medals, 2 RMI 2021 Silver Medals, 3 IZHO 2021 Bronze Medals


  • SIGPLAN PAC funding Winner
  • Research Travel Grant of HKUST of amount 13500 HKD (~1730$)
  • Meta Hackercup 2022 2nd round: ranked 601st place over 27604 participants (top 2%)
  • ICPC Northern Euroasia 2018, 2020 and 2022: 3rd-degree diploma
  • Meta Hackercup 2021 3rd round: ranked 342nd place over 34584 participants (top 1%)
  • Google Hash Code 2019: ranked 101st place over 6647 teams (top 2%)
  • International Olympiad in Informatics 2018: Bronze medal
  • International Zhautykov Olympiad in Informatics (Computer Science) 2018: Silver medal
  • Asian-Pacific Olympiad in Informatics 2017: Bronze medal
  • Info(1)cup International Olympiad in Informatics 2017: Bronze medal
  • Google Kick Start rounds:
          2022 Round D: ranked 45th place over 8062 participants (top 0.5%)
          2022 Round B: ranked 330th place over 5716 participants (top 5%)
          2021 Round B: ranked 59th place over 7398 participants (top 1%)
          2021 Round A: ranked 242th place over 19840 participants (top 1%)
          2020 Round G: ranked 280th place over 8132 participants (top 3%)
          2020 Round C: ranked 262th place over 13650 participants (top 2%)
  • Conference, Workshop, and Schools

    When What Where
    1st - 5th July, 2024 CSSDM 2024 - Czech Summer School on Discrete Mathematics Prague, Czech Republic
    14th - 20th January, 2024 POPL 2024 - Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages London, United Kingdom
    25nd - 27th October, 2023 OOPSLA 2023 - Object-oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications Cascais, Portugal
    4th - 16th June, 2023 CIMPA Research School on Graph Structure and Complex Network Analysis Izmir, Turkiye


    Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 Project
    - Working on a project with the title "Generating Error Descriptions with CPAchecker" under the SoSy-Lab.
    Distributed File System (DFS) @Github
    - Implemented the DFS in the RPyC library of Python. Configured replication strategy similar to Hadoop File System.
    - Deployed a project to AWS using Docker to test scalability and fault tolerance.
    Distributed Online Judge @Github
    - Built a simple distributed computing application with my team to test programs and problems against test cases in programming competitions. The project aimed to port the approach of Lichess's computer analysis feature to competitive programming platforms, allowing participants to donate their machine's CPU and memory to disburden the server and test other participants' submissions in a fast way, without the need for a load-balancer.
    - The backend of the judge server was maintainted using Django and programs were tested using judge0.
    Coverage measure of Java programs @Github
    - Used librart by Soot to transform a Java program into bytecode and measure the statement, branch, and line coverage on the test suites generated by Randoop.
    - The maximum difference between the coverages on generated test suites was at most 5% with existing popular algorithm by EclEmma and my implemented algorithm.


    When Who Organization
    November, 2023 - May, 2024 Esma Ekmekçi Yildiz Technical University
    October, 2023 - May, 2024 Haşim Zafer Çiçek Hacettepe University